Thursday, September 19, 2013

A 12v to 5v Converter

This is a circuit of a device which converts 12v DC into 5v DC.This is a simplest circuit Diagram which will enable you to run equipments which require 5v DC current. You can even connect it to your car or bike battery to run your 5v accessories. The components required are very few:-

> Capacitor 10uf 25v
> IC 7805
> Capacitor 1uf 10v
> A empty circuit board or a supported PCB ( obvious )

You might be thinking that where will this stuff be available, don't be afraid you can easily buy it from a television set repairing shop nearby your location. You can also use this in an USB MP 3 Module which requires 5v power supply, This was only due to the module that I was inspired to share my circuit with you. The thing now you might be thing is about the cost of setting this up, well its very low:- 

> 2-Capacitors  $ 0.3429 (Approx.)
> IC 7805           $ 1.297  (Approx.)
>Circuit Board or PCB  $ 0.48646  (Approx.)
Total -  $ 2.12636 (According to INR not more than Rs.100/-)

Isn't it amazing make your own 12v to 5v converter in just 2-3 USD/100 INR.

Circuit diagram